free download your uninstaller 7.5.2013 software latest versionYour Uninstaller download free 7.5.2013.02 latest version.

Your Uninstaller 7.5.2013.02 is the Windows tool to remove / uninstall programs completely from your computer. Your Uninstaller remove program without leave any trace even from PC registry.


Your Uninstaller remove installed application with deep scanning of useless registry entries that could not be remove by Windows default Add/Remove program. Remove all internet traces, backup with restore option. Auto fix for invalid installation detection. Many more options at very fast speed.


Your Uninstaller Product Key Features


Uninstall Wizard

Your Uninstaller will open a window of installed program. Select software or program you want to uninstall.

Select Uninstall Mode


1 – Built-in Mode

  • Run built-in uninstaller with no further actions.


2 – Safe Mode

  • Include built-in mode and performs scans on registry Safe Mode and file on simple level. It is safe to delete found items. Also the fastest mode.


3 – Normal Mode

  • Includes Safe Mode and performs an extended scan on file and registry. It is slower than Safe Mode.


4 – Super Mode

  • Includes Normal Mode and performs complete scan on whole Windows system and clear all traces. Slowest mode but ensure to make every piece of the software.


Your Uninstaller creates “System Restore Point” before uninstalling a program, you can roll back at any time if you prefer. You can disable this feature in “Options” dialog.


More Tools


Prepare For Uninstallation

  • Try to call associated uninstaller first to remove some parts of the program.


Scan Windows Registry

  • Scans Windows registry for keys left by the normal uninstaller.


Scan Installation Folder

  • Scans installation folders for unnecessary files.


Advanced Uninstall

Advanced uninstall will help you solve following problems:


  • The program is not listed in the Add/Remove Program.
  • You are trying to reinstall a program, but it refuses you to do so and says that a previous version is installed and should be removed.
  • You are trying to remove a program that can’t be removed normal way.

Select the program name from the list and click “Uninstall”. This action will clear all install traces left in registry so you can reinstall the program without any problem.


Extras for PC Tuneup


  • StartUp Manager.
  • Disk Cleaner.
  • Start Menu.
  • File Shredder.
  • Hunter Mode.
  • Quick Uninstall.
  • AutoFix.
  • Empty Gone.
  • Search.
  • Refresh.
  • Trace Eraser - Including Cookies, Search History, Clear passwords, Internet Temporary Files, Browser History, Address History, Clear saved forms, Reset home page.
  • Windows ToolsIncludes Active TCP/IP connections, Disk defragmenter, Group policy, Microsoft Windows malicious software removal tool, Network information, On Screen KeyBoard, Security center, Services, Shared folder’s, System information, System properties.


free download Your Uninstaller 7.5.2013 setup exe file direct link:


About Product:

License:  Shareware.

Latest version : 7.5.2013.02 updated 2013.

Developer : you can register from

Platforms : Works on Windows 7 / Windows XP / Win 8 / Vista. Both 32 bit / 64 bit.

File size : 7.07 MB.


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